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Dog Can't Stop Chewing Your Furniture? Try These Tips

by Alexander Lostocco on 09/16/13

Are you frequently coming home only to find the corners of your couch has been chewed up or your lamp has been gnawed to a pulp? Many dog owners experience problems with chewing. The solution can be simpler than you think, though. Keep reading to learn about the reasons why dogs to furniture and tips for how to get them to stop.

Why do dogs chew?

Much like disobedient children, there are many reasons why dogs chew furniture. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Bad education as a puppy

  • Boredom

  • Separation anxiety

  • It’s afraid

  • It wants attention

Dealing with your dog’s chewing problem can be best solved by figuring out the cause of it's chewing and then addressing that cause.

Is your puppy board? Find ways to keep it entertained like giving it some toys or a place to run around.

Is your pup scared? Go stand near it and comfort it.

As you get to know your dog, you will naturally understand what is causing your dog's discomfort and then be able to respond accordingly. Here's some methods of curbing dog chewing that has helped many dog owners in the past.

Give them something that’s okay to chew!

Chewing is a natural instinct and shouldn't be suppressed! It's just normal for dogs to need to chew something. It's built into their biology. One proven way to counter chewing on furniture is to give your dog something that's actually okay to chew.

The option a lot of pet lovers choose are rawhide toys. Organic chicken rawhide, like the kind we sell any lucky premium treats store, is all natural and safe for your dog to enjoy. Plus, chewing has a lot of benefits like dental hygiene and stress release. You can order some by clicking here.

Make dog toys distinguishable from furniture

A common problem dog owners find is that their dogs seem to think their furniture is a toy! One reason this could be is that the dog toys actually look like furniture. Get around this by only choosing dog toys that look like toys – not your furniture.

Socialize your dog

If your dog regularly experiences anxiety or fear around strange people or other pets, spending some time socializing with other dogs and people could be a good idea. Regularly take your dog out to a dog park. Organize doggy play dates with other dog owners in your area. Try to show your dog it’s okay to meet new people.

Make sure it has plenty of exercise

Are you walking your dog enough? Some dogs required walking more than once per day. It could be that if your dog is chewing your furniture it simply has too much energy and needs to get out. Taking your dog on a walk is a great way to spend time with your animal, give it some exercise, and also get some exercise for yourself.

Exchange items your dog is chewing for treats

If your dog has a favorite item he or she likes to chew, consider switching out that item for treats. Take that item from your dog’s mouth and give it a piece of chicken rawhide or another doggie treat in its place.

The most important tip is simply to learn who your dog is. Spend time with your dog to get to know it's likes, dislikes, fears and what makes it feel comfortable. The more time you spend with your dog, the better you will be able to identify and fix the causes of furniture chewing.

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